Ford to boost production capacity for hybrids and plug-ins

Jun 9, 2011

Another American car company is betting that its U.S. customers want more hybrid cars. 

Ford Motor Company says it will hire more than 200 people to meet the increased demand for electrified cars.   

Earlier this year, General Motors  boosted production plans for the Volt by 30% for next year. 

Now, Ford plans a similar increase in its capacity to build hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars, including a new car called the C-Max. 

John Davis is Chief Engineer for the C-Max.  He says fuel efficiency is becoming more important to American customers, "and we really do think demand is going to be there and we want to be ready with the capacity to satisfy them."

The announcement means 50 new engineering jobs at Ford, as well as 170 assembly jobs at two Ford plants in Michigan.