Is gerrymandering fair to voters, or is there a better way?

Apr 22, 2016

Gerrymandering allows political parties or groups to gain some political advantage by manipulating district boundaries. Some critics argue that it distorts the real views of the voters.

There's an argument that Michigan's system of redistricting - the decennial redrawing of legislative districts - distorts the voters' will.

Groups such as Common Cause and, recently, the League of Women Voters have made efforts to find a better way to redraw the congressional and legislative maps. That most recent effort died quietly earlier this month. 

In a 2011 contest, participants were asked to come up with an open and transparent redistricting process in order to produce fair legislative districts for Michigan voters. 

That contest was was won by Nathan Inks. At the time, Inks was president of the College Republicans at Central Michigan University. He joins us to talk about redistricting and the concerns surrounding the process.

Nathan Inks practices law in Oakland County. He tweets at @ndinks.