Girl brought $20,000 in cash to school, hands it out to friends

Mar 13, 2013

A 6th grader in Taylor brought $20,000 in cash in her backpack to school on Monday, school officials told the Taylor police. 

Taylor Police Chief Mary Sclabassi told the Detroit News that the 12-year-old girl said she received the money from another girl who lives across the street from her. 

"The school district called us and said a 12-year-old student had a backpack full of money," Sclabassi told the News. "The principal became aware of it when she heard the student was giving money away to friends. They brought in the student, secured the backpack and retrieved the money she had given away. This is a real first for me."

Police aren't releasing the name of the student or the neighbor. She attends The Sixth Grade Academy in Taylor. 

WXYZ reports she was seen handing out $200 to one student and $500 to another. 

- Joseph Lichterman, Michigan Radio Newsroom