GM unveils next-gen self-driving Bolts for public road testing

Jun 13, 2017

General Motors is adding to its fleet of automated cars. The company hopes to maintain what it says is a big advantage in a crucial technology of the future.  

GM put 50 self-driving Bolt EVs on public roads late last year.  At GM's Orion Township plant, CEO Mary Barra showed off some of the 130 next-generation self-driving Bolts that will soon be added to the fleet.

"Production of these vehicles began in January," said Barra, "making GM the first, and to this day the only, auto company to assemble self-driving vehicles in a mass production facility."

GM is in a race with others, including Google and Tesla, for dominance in self-driving cars. Barra says the first place consumers will get to use the self-driving Bolts is in fleets of shared cars in cities.