Governor Snyder to talk health care reform in September

Jun 24, 2011

Governor Snyder has stayed pretty quiet on the subject of federal health care reforms. He is the nation’s only Republican governor who has not specifically called for repealing the law.

But he said this week that the new rules don’t pay enough attention to wellness and prevention. The governor told a group of small business owners that he will propose a health care reform plan for Michigan later this year that will focus on containing costs by encouraging people to get healthier.

“In many respects, the federal discussion was a misplaced discussion. It got way too much on insurance and didn’t talk enough about underlying costs. And that’s the focal point in our message – is get back to what can we do to manage our long-term cost structures and then have an efficient market for you to acquire insurance for your employees.”

The governor says that will also help make insurance more affordable. He also plans to deliver messages on infrastructure and worker skills in September.