Green Party presidential hopeful visits Michigan, touts "Green New Deal"

Mar 6, 2012

Michigan’s republican  primary was last week, but that doesn’t mean presidential candidates are done courting voters.

A U.S. Green Party presidential hopeful, Jill Stein met with supporters in Michigan to tout her party’s platform.

Stein talked with a small group yesterday at a Amer's deli in Ann Arbor about what she calls her “Green New Deal.”

She says the Deal focuses on living wages and green technology.

She says in the long-term her plan will strengthen both Michigan’s auto industry and its workers:  

"Part of the Green New Deal also ensures that the overall conditions of workers are good; that they have the right to unionize, to advocate for safe working conditions and benefits."

Stein, a Massachusetts physician, is one of four people running for the top spot on the Green Party ticket.

Her rivals include Michigan resident Harley Mikkelson and comedian Roseanne Barr.

-Jennifer Guerra and Nell Gable, Michigan Radio Newsroom