Iconic Michigan landmark facing demolition

May 25, 2013

The Irish Hills Towers are a familiar landmark along US-12 in southern Michigan.

But the nearly 90-year-old towers face a potential demolition order … unless years of decline and disrepair can be addressed.

Donna Boglarsky owned the towers for many years.  Now she’s working the save the rundown landmark.

“I know I’ve had a few people who’ve said “Have you gotten an estimate on how much the demolition will cost?’,” says Boglarsky, “That’s not even an option to look at, because that’s not in our vision at all.”

Boglarsky and others are hoping to rally support for the Irish Hills Towers this weekend.  

They face an August 1st deadline to make progress fixing up the towers and come up with a plan to stabilize the aging buildings and the money to pay for it.