Is it time to reconsider the way Michigan puts referendums and amendments on the ballot?

Sep 3, 2012

Michigan voters should know by September 7th how many statewide ballot questions and referendums will appear on the November ballot.

Governor Rick Snyder says after the election it might be time review the state’s chaotic system for asking voters their opinion on weighty issues.

There are three questions already slated for the November ballot.    Depending on the courts up to four more may land on the ballot as well.

Several highly controversial proposed ballot questions have been bouncing between a politically divided Board of State Canvassers and Michigan’s court system.   Raising concerns about whether partisan politics and special interest legal maneuvering are interfering with the process.

Governor Snyder thinks it’s time for the public to get involved.

“When all this is said and done after we get through November, I think it’s a reasonable thing to say ‘Should we all step back and look at how things are going?’…What (have) we learned from all this…entire process?” asks Snyder.

One thing Snyder would like to see change is the use of paid petition circulators.   The governor questions whether the paid circulators are giving people accurate information about the issues.