Judge continues Lansing library's gun ban

Mar 9, 2011

An Ingham County judge has continued a ban on openly carrying guns into Lansing-area libraries until June. 

A temporary restraining order was issued against the Michigan Open Carry group last month.

Now an Ingham County Circuit Court judge has granted a preliminary injunction forbidding anyone – except law enforcement – from entering a Capital Area District Library openly wearing a gun.

Dean Greenblatt is an attorney for Michigan Open Carry.

He says library management has a bigger agenda.

"The library director made it quite clear that his intent was not just to ban openly carried firearms," Greenblatt says. "He wishes to ban the concealed carry of firearms in the CADL facility. Ultimately, he's just anti-gun.  And it's all about gun control. It's not about open carry."

 Gary Bender represents the library. He says the issue is safety of patrons, not gun control.

The case will be heard in June.