Jury selection begins Tuesday for the trial of Hutaree Militia members

Feb 6, 2012

Jury selection is scheduled to begin tomorrow in the case of members of a Christian militia group accused of plotting attacks on Michigan police officers.

 Members of the Hutaree Militia are accused of plotting to murder a police officer.  Then attack the officer’s funeral procession, in order to kill more law enforcement officers.     The attacks were allegedly to inspire an insurrection against the government

That accusation was developed during an undercover investigation of the group.

The Hutaree Militia is a splinter Christian group, which believes the apocalypse is near.   The group is also suspicious of the government and the United Nations.

Authorities arrested 9 members of the group in March, 2010.  One defendant pleaded guilty to a firearms charge.   He faces sentencing in April.   Another defendant is undergoing a mental competency review.

The trial of the other Hutaree members is expected to take six to ten weeks.