Lansing city council leaders to discuss budget

May 13, 2011

The city of Lansing is facing a projected $20 million dollar budget deficit. 

On Monday, the city council is scheduled to vote on a budget intended to close that gap.   As it stands now, the city may have to lay off dozens of police officers and firefighters, as well as making other painful spending cuts to balance the budget.  

City Council President A'Lynne Robinson and other city council members will discuss the budget situation at a news conference this afternoon. 

City council members have made several suggestions that may decrease the size of the budget gap.  The Lansing State Journal reports the mayor's office has posted responses to those suggestions on its website. 

Mayor Virg Bernero has called many of the suggestions 'Fantasy'.

Earlier this month, Lansing voters rejected a proposed millage increase that would have reduced the projected budget deficit by nearly half.