Lansing city leaders look forward to working on a 'balanced' budget for a change

Feb 1, 2014

For the first time in a decade, Lansing leaders will be working this year on a city budget without having to consider millions of dollars in cuts.

Declining tax revenues have forced Lansing city government to shrink during the past decade.

The capitol city has eliminated about a third of its city workforce.

But on Thursday, Mayor Virg Bernero announced that next year’s city budget is projected to be balanced.

A’Lynne Boles is the city council president.   Boles is not sure what it will be like working on a budget without the need for deep spending cuts.

“I don’t know because we’ve always been in the ‘other’ position since I’ve been on council,” says Boles, “This is a great vantage point to work from.”

Bernero will deliver his budget plan for FY 2015 in March.