Lawsuit continues: Emergency financial managers not legal

Nov 19, 2012

An 'emergency request' has been filed today with the Michigan Supreme Court asking that Detroit Public Schools emergency financial manager Roy Roberts be removed from office.

Highland Park School Board member and union activist Robert Davis argues that the law supporting Roberts' position is no longer valid.

It's an argument the Michigan Court of Appeals disagreed on last week.

So now it's on to the Michigan Supreme Court.

More from the Detroit Free Press:

Highland Park school board member Robert Davis filed an emergency request for consideration with the state’s high court. He maintains that no law currently exists that allows state appointees to run distressed schools and municipalities since voters on Nov. 6 rejected the state’s 2011 emergency manager law.

The Court of Appeals last week agreed with Michigan attorney general Bill Schuette’s response to Davis, stating that a 1990 emergency financial manager law remains in effect and Roberts "lawfully holds office." Davis argues that the 1990 law was repealed by the 2011 law and cannot be revived.