Live from Michigan's Supreme Court

Mar 5, 2013

Michigan’s Supreme Court is now streaming oral arguments live on the web.

The court has been broadcasting its caseload since 1996 through Michigan Government Television.  When that service stopped in December, the court decided streaming was the right solution.

Marcia McBrien is a spokeswoman for Michigan’s Supreme Court. 

She says, “we’re reaching people who perhaps would like to learn more about the Supreme Court and would like to watch the hearings.  But for a number of reasons can’t make the trip up to Lansing.”

“This way, the public has the ability to go directly to the hearing electronically", she continued, "and see for themselves what’s going on.  And get the whole story.”

McBrien says the Justices feel it’s a priority for people to be well informed about their government.

The Court also offers archived video of its hearings on the Michigan State Bar’s Virtual Court.

- Chris Zollars, Michigan Radio Newsroom