Michigan high school crowns first transgender homecoming prince

Oct 11, 2016

Grand Blanc High School just crowned its first transgender homecoming prince. 

Kourt Frame, 15, said he didn't think he'd get enough votes to win homecoming prince, but he was shocked by how much his peers supported him. 

"It was so nice, you know, the feeling like they actually voted for me and that they supported me, you know they were like, 'Yeah, you can do that, we think of you as a dude,'" Frame said.

Frame came out as transgender as a freshman and said his friends and classmates didn't really treat him any differently afterward. 

"They really haven't treated me any different then what I always was because I was always a very 'tomboy' person and I mean, it was just another title to them," he said.

Frame wants other transgender teens to realize they are not alone.

"You have friends, I guarantee it, who love you. You're not alone, so just never give up," he said.