Michigan lawmakers pass (most of) a budget for next year

May 31, 2012

State lawmakers have passed a budget plan for most of state government for next year.

The House and Senate passed an Omnibus spending bill that covers all of state government, except education.   The state House passed the bill on a 61 to 49 vote.   The bill passed the state Senate on a 20 to 16 vote.

Birmingham representative Chuck Moss spoke for many Republicans on the state House floor who had some reservations about the budget bill. 

“Its not perfect. No budget is,” Moss said during the debate on the House floor,  “But the perfect is the enemy of the good.”

Democrats oppose the budget deal. They say the needs of Michigan’s poor, middle class and senior citizens are taking a back seat to corporate interests.

Detroit Representative Rashida Tlaib blasted the budget plan. 

“We are here helping our corporate friends.   Helping our friends in government.  Versus helping them back home,” chided Tlaib on the House floor.

The legislature still has to reach agreement on education spending.   Earlier today, conferees agreed to a K-12 spending plan that includes more per pupil funding for some schools.     House and Senate conferees remain apart on some issues involving funding for Michigan’s public universities. 

The two sides hope to reach an agreement Friday on education spending.  But it won’t be until next week before a final vote can take place.  

The State Senate adjourned for the weekend this afternoon.   Many senators plan to attend a funeral tomorrow.