Mitt Romney shows strength (and maybe weakness) in latest poll of Michigan Republicans

Aug 23, 2011

The latest state poll of likely voters has mixed news for one Republican presidential contender with Michigan roots and downright bad news for another.  

Epic-MRA polled likely Republican Michigan voters and found a third said they would vote for Mitt Romney in next year’s GOP presidential primary.  That’s more than any other Republican candidate, but pollster Bernie Porn says the bad news for Romney is that he should be getting more support and that could be a problem in the primary. 

“He may not be performing as well as he probably should be.”   

Porn says Michigan Congressman Thaddeus  McCotter has a much bigger problem.   Only one percent of  Michigan Republicans say they would vote for him in the presidential primary, that’s true even in his congressional district in southeast Michigan.

“If that’s the way he’s performing thus far in his home state…that’s probably not a good sign for him.”


Texas Governor Rick Perry and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann finished second and third in the Epic-MRA poll.