New beat to focus on health and science

Dec 19, 2012

Reporter and Weekend Edition host Rina Miller has a new beat here at Michigan Radio. Starting in 2013, she will focus on covering health and science news.

Listeners have already been emailing Miller about issues they feel are important to Michigan and the nation.

"Our listeners also want to know more about the Affordable Care Act, and how that's going to affect them, including the health care exchange that Michigan still has to set up," she said. "They're interested in stem cell therapy...and how that might be used to treat things like Parkinson's disease. Another subject that came up was genetically modified crops. What does that mean? What's in the food that we're eating? How can it affect us and the children."

Other topics were related to pregnancy and end-of-life care, including hospice.

You can share your ideas for potential stories at storyideas@michiganradio.org