New carpet in Capitol could complicate things if there's a Medicaid vote

Jun 27, 2013

They haven't said they're going to get back together to hold a vote on Medicaid expansion, but if the Michigan Senate did decide to reconvene for a vote (as Gov. Snyder wants them too), they'd run into another complication.

The Associated Press reports that the Senators would have to vote somewhere else:

The Senate and House chambers in Lansing are likely out of commission for 2 months to get new carpet and technology upgrades.

After lawmakers adjourned a week ago, crews immediately removed their desks and ripped out Victorian-era replica carpet that was at least 20 years old and held together in places with duct tape.

Backup plans are in the works in case Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville holds a vote on Medicaid expansion before Aug. 27. That's when lawmakers are expected to be back to conduct official business.

Senators could meet across the street in a legislative committee room. Snyder is asking the Senate to vote within weeks.