Not much support in effort to get Detroit's top lawyer to drop lawsuit

Jun 11, 2012

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says the city will run out of money this week if a city lawyer doesn’t back off from a lawsuit challenging a consent agreement with the state.

Bing was hoping to unite City Council members behind his efforts to get that lawyer, Krystal Crittendon, to drop her legal action.

But at a contentious appearance before the Council this morning, Bing found little support.

And the mayor says that leaves the city vulnerable to going broke.

He questions whether there’s a “Plan B” if that happens, given that the city’s elected officials can’t forge a united front.

“And that’s all we’re trying to get done,” said Bing.  “That’s the only way I feel we’re going to get the money.”

State officials said last week that they will withhold a revenue sharing payment that outlined in the consent agreement if the legal action isn’t dropped.

Some Council members questioned whether the state is serious about that, but Mayor Bing says he doesn’t think they’re kidding.

Council President Charles Pugh, who voted for the consent agreement says he hopes Lansing “does the right thing.”