Part of Willow Run bomber plant will be open to the public Saturday

Oct 22, 2013

A group organized by the Yankee Air Museum has been trying to save part of the historic bomber plant from demolition.

The group says it has raised $5.25 million and needs to $2.75 million more by November 1 to meet the goal.

As part of their "Save the Bomber Plant" campaign, Nathan Bomey of the Detroit Free Press reports that part of the bomber plant will be open to the public this Saturday.

It's a chance for the  public to see the plant one last time before demolition begins.

From the Freep:

A tour of the historic property — which was a centerpiece of the weapons-building Arsenal of Democracy during World War II — is being offered to those who pre-register for a free conference showcasing the 72-year-old plant’s history.

The conference will start this Saturday, October 26 at 11:45 a.m. and will conclude with a tour of the plant starting at 3 p.m. To attend you have to pre-register by calling the Yankee Air Museum 734-483-4030.

Here's more about the history of the plant from National Geographic: