Quicker liquor under proposed law

Oct 1, 2012

The state house has approved a bill that would let Michigan businesses get a liquor license more quickly. The review process often takes months, and in some cases, years.

The proposed law would allow a conditional liquor license while a review is under way.

Democratic Rep. Mark Meadows cast one of only two votes against the bill. His district includes East Lansing -- where Michigan State University is located.

Meadows says he's concerned about the problems associated with drinking.

"The alcohol-related issues that we deal with on a daily basis are much higher than in most communities ... let me put it that way."

Meadows says liquor licenses were once based on population.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Ray Franz (R-Onekema) who said he had to wait seven months to get a liquor license approved for his grocery store.

A House analysis says if a business violates the law while under a conditional license, there would be an immediate license suspension.

Businesses could get their conditional licenses within two weeks of application if the law is passed.