Ridership on The Rapid bus system surpasses 10 million

Sep 26, 2011

The public transportation system in greater Grand Rapids is celebrating a record number of riders this year. The Rapid is operated by an authority made up of Grand Rapids and 5 surrounding suburbs; Wyoming, Walker, Grandville, East Grand Rapids, and Kentwood.  

Barbara Deming waits for a bus at The Rapid Central Station which is packed every morning and afternoon on the weekdays. Deming has ridden the bus nearly every week since moving back home to Grand Rapids from a small town up north 7 years ago.

“I got tired of that country living," she laughed, "I was raised in town I want to be in town.”

Deming says no one ever taught her how to drive and since she can ride the bus nearly everywhere she wants, she doesn’t think she’ll ever need to learn.

The Rapid bus system is celebrating a record 10 million rides so far this year. That’s already more than all of last year. 

Detroit's Department of Transportation estimates it serves 36 million riders annually. It serves 22 communities.