Sanders: Flint a cautionary tale of nation's infrastructure

Feb 25, 2016

Sanders during an earlier campaign stop in Michigan.
Credit Jake Neher / MPRN

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders brought his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president to Flint today.

An enthusiastic crowd packed church pews for the town hall meeting. Sanders said the Flint water crisis is a tragedy, but said the city’s not alone. He says cities across the country face a “collapse” of their infrastructure and if a city and the state can’t handle it, then the federal government needs to step in.

“It is my hope the American people will look at Flint and say never again can we allow a community to undergo this,” Sanders told the crowd. 

Sanders called the situation a tragedy, and said it reflects a bigger problem.

“And while Flint may be the canary in the coal mine, there are a lot of other canaries all over this country,” he said. “Truth is our infrastructure is collapsing in many, many respects. You’re seeing it most strongly here in Flint.”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Flint on February 7, and her campaign highlights the Flint water crisis in a new TV ad.

Both Democratic candidates will debate each other in Flint on March 6, just two days before Michigan’s presidential primary.