Schuette denies contradiction in birth-control coverage statements

Jan 2, 2014

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette says he supports efforts to block federal health insurance mandates that require contraception coverage in employer-funded health plans.

But he says he also supports a woman’s right to access birth control.

“There’s a difference between abortion and birth control, and anybody who’d want to limit the choices and options for a woman on birth control is absolutely bonkers, nuts, and crazy,” Schuette says.

That was Schuette in a year-end interview that took place before federal court orders on New Year’s Eve that allowed many employers to opt out of contraception coverage.

The Michigan Catholic Conference was one of the litigants that won a stay of the contraception requirement in many employer-funded health plans.

Schuette’s office says there is no contradiction between what he said before the court orders, and now.