Someone give this guy a gold star: Congressman Amash marks 2,500 consecutive votes

Jun 4, 2014

Michigan Congressman Justin Amash.
Credit Facebook

Michigan Congressman Justin Amash never gets sick. His car never breaks down and he doesn't take off work for doctor's appointments.

OK, that’s probably an exaggeration.

Amash has represented Grand Rapids in Congress since 2010. He's never missed a single vote on the House floor. He's now cast 2,500 votes in a row. This appears to put Amash and Congressman Steve Womack from Arkansas in a tie for the prize of longest active voting streak of any sitting representative.

He deserves a gold star for perfect attendance or something, no?

But that's not all. Before being elected to Congress, Amash served as a state representative and he never missed a vote (more than 1,300 in a row) while in office there, either.

In Lansing he earned a reputation as being somewhat of an outcast, being the lone "no" vote on a number of bills. In Washington he's also not exactly fallen in line in the GOP rank and file either.

Amash also prides himself on explaining every vote he casts on his Facebook page, which is full of people who love and hate the way he votes.

One commenter seemed to sum up their feelings about his record by saying "Thank you for your transparency. Whether I always agree with you or not, you have the balls to say it."