State of Opportunity: Harlem Children's Zone

Aug 1, 2012

Michigan Radio's Jennifer Guerra spoke with Geoffrey Canada about how to break the cycle of poverty Wednesday. Canada is with Harlem Children's Zone.

The Harlem Children's Zone has been around for 13 years and covers about 100 blocks in central Harlem, and has become a model for other organizations around the country. Its leader Geoffrey Canada has become famous for his "whatever it takes" approach to helping kids. 

Canada says part of what makes the Children's Zone unique is that it covers all kids, and it helps them from birth through college. Canada says it's "not about just creating a good school or saving some kids, but actually changing the culture so that a community that failure was the norm becomes a community where success is the norm."

To find out more about the Harlem Children's Zone, visit the State of Opportunity website.