State rejects Ambassador Bridge owner's request for bridge to Harsens Island

Jun 21, 2016

The state has denied Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun a permit to build a bridge between Algonac  and Harsens Island.

The island in northern Lake St. Clair is currently only accessible by car ferry or boat.  

Most residents don't want a bridge, says Rhonda Wyscaver.  She's lived on the island for 27 years.

"We want to keep the island as peaceful as we can," says Wyscaver, a bartender at Sans Souci Bar.   "It's growing by leaps and bounds as it is.  But, the way we see it, if you want a city life, live in the city."

Wyscaver says the island sees enough liveliness from Jobbie Nooner, and there's no need to add more, from "all these crazies (that would be) zipping down the road.  It changes things." 

State officials say The Detroit International Bridge Company did not show a public need for the proposed bridge.  The bridge would also destroy Great Lakes coastal wetland, and harm the wetland's ability to trap sediments and retain storm and flood waters, degrading the river.