State Senate committee debates snow plowing money, Medicaid expansion

Feb 18, 2014

LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Michigan lawmakers are considering a mid-year budget bill that would send extra money to state and local governments grappling with higher snowplowing costs.

The Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday talked about spending $100 million more on winter road maintenance.

Legislators in the current budget put an additional $230 million into a special fund for roads or other "risks." They announced half would fund 103 state and local transportation projects across Michigan.

Now lawmakers are looking to use all but $15 million of the balance to account for heavier-than-normal snow removal along highways and local roads.

The bill could be amended and approved by the panel as early as Tuesday. It also would account for less in savings than expected after Senate Republ icans delayed the expansion of Medicaid by three months.