Stateside for Monday, March 3, 2014

Mar 3, 2014

Military veterans don't have it easy. We often say we want to help, but Michigan ranks last in the nation when it comes to per-capita spending on our veterans. On today's show: Why the disconnect between what we say about veterans and what we actually do?

And, then, it's not only us – you know, humans – are dealing with this crazy winter weather. This season has been especially bad for an already fragile population in our state. We'll check in on our honey bees and what their livelihood means for Michigan crops this spring and summer.

There are fewer Michigan school districts running into the red this year, and even more are projected to work their way out of budget deficits by the end of the school year.

But peel away the top layer and it's not all good news. MLive Capitol reporter Jonathon Oosting joined us to explain why.