Stateside: A State with Coming Days of Fame

Oct 23, 2012

Michigan’s days of filling films’ frames are far from over. Carrie Jones, executive director of the Michigan Film Office, foresees a steady increase in the state’s film production.

Cyndy spoke with Jones in what was a continuation of Stateside’s look at Michigan’s film industry.

Once the top film incentive program in the country, Michigan now ranks within the top 10.

With a budget increase to $58 million for the 2013 fiscal year, Michigan expects to enjoy an increase in film production.

“I think that we are going to continue on a steady course. I don’t think our production levels will meet those of 2010, but we will continue to grow. I am optimistic about heading into the future,” said Jones.

Along with the state’s revitalized budget, Jones feels it continues to offer the same landscape and workforce that was of intrigue to Hollywood in the past.

“There is something so special about this state, and I think people pick up on that,” said Jones.

When asked about the next five years, Jones was nothing less than optimistic.

“I am so excited about where we are headed. We have got such great things coming. I think people are going to see a lot of production in their neighborhoods; they’re going to see a lot of celebrities.”

-Cameron Stewart

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