Stateside for Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Feb 28, 2013

On today's show: We take up the topic of charter schools in Michigan, particularly the question: is there an academic difference in charter schools operated by for-profit companies versus charter schools run by non-profits. New research sheds some light.

And Michigan has the 11th-highest population of veterans in the nation, but the state is last when it comes to federal money spent per vet on all the services veterans are entitled to we'll find out what the plan is to address the issue.

But first we go to Detroit.  Mayor Dave Bing says tomorrow is the day when Governor Snyder announces whether there will be a state takeover of the city of Detroit. Mayor Bing says he spoke with Snyder today and would go no further than saying an announcement will come tomorrow.

It was just last week that a state-appointed financial review team delivered the news to Governor Snyder: Detroit is in a state of financial emergency, and the city’s current leaders "lack a plan" to deal with it.

Detroit news columnist Daniel Howes joined us to talk about Detroit's future.