Stateside for Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jul 15, 2014

 Today on Stateside:

  • Michigan's legislators will be back in Lansing tomorrow. The day will bring committee meetings including attention to a pair of bills dealing with medical marijuana.
  • Congressman Conyers says that Detroit’s water shutoff crisis is a human rights issue.
  • The proposed Rover Pipeline would carry natural gas through about 180 miles of Michigan. Some of it would track the very same route as the controversial Enbridge 6B oil pipeline that was recently replaced.
  • DetCon1, a science fiction and fantasy literary convention will be in Detroit July 17-20.
  • Grab your surf board and hit….Lake Michigan??
  • There are Jobs that are going begging in Michigan, but the skilled workers are nowhere to be found.
  • Can Europe offer the U.S. a model for how to operate prisons?

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