Stateside for Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014

Feb 5, 2014

It’s official.

The country will have a farm bill. Tomorrow, President Obama plans to sign the nearly $1 trillion bill into law on his trip to East Lansing.

On today’s show we’ll take a closer look at the farm bill and explore what this all means to Michigan farmers.

Then later in the hour, Michigan has the country’s fourth-highest unemployment rate, and is 49th in job growth.

Why is Michigan doing so badly? And are we prepared to change?

But first on today's show, we talk about Gov. Rick Snyder's budget proposal for the next fiscal year. He delivered his proposal today.

The $52 billion budget calls for a small increase to maintain the state's roads and bridges, increases in education funding, and a plan to restore an income tax credit to some homeowners.

Chris Gautz, capitol correspondent for Crain's Detroit Business, was at the budget presentation today and he joined us.