Stateside for Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

May 1, 2013

  On today's show, we explore the bureaucratic hurdles of the international adoption system, and how it's keeping children trapped in orphanages around the world.

Then we switch gears and discover whether our state symbol, the wolverine, ever lived here.

And Michigan Democratic Congressman Gary Peters has made it official: he will run for the U.S. Senate seat opening up with the retirement of Carl Levin.

The three-term congressman is from Bloomfield Township in Oakland County, an area important to winning a statewide race.

 The GOP has yet to announce who might run for that up-for-grabs Senate seat.

And we turn to the situation in the city of Ecorse. Officials say the financial emergency in the city has been resolved.
Ecorse has been under the control of an emergency manager since 2009 – when then-Governor Jennifer Granholm made the appointment.
Now, word comes that the city’s budget is balanced and a $20 million deficit has been eliminated.
But the announcement doesn't mean elected officials are getting their authority back right away. That’s because Joyce Parker – Ecorse's former emergency manager - has given the city a two-year budget that it must follow.
Parker – who we should note is also the emergency manager of Allen Park– joined us today.