Stateside: What do Michigan residents think should happen to restore the economy

Feb 20, 2013

There is certainly no shortage of reporting, discussion and conversation about what should happen to breath new life into Michigan's economy.

Most of this conversation seems to revolve around the thought of legislatures, policy makers, and Governor Snyder.

But what do Michiganders think should happen to help restore the economy and what do you want to see as a Michigan citizen?

The Michigan Economic Center at the Prima Civitas Foundation wanted to know the answer.

The policy and action focused group launched it's Michiga

n Dream Restored Project last fall.

Yesterday they unveiled the results of  a series of focus groups and big statewide survey of residents.

John Austin, Director of the Michigan Economic Center and also the President of the Michigan State Board of Education spoke with us about the project.

To hear the full interview with John Austin listen to the audio above.

We  want to know, what do you think Michigan can do to help restore it's economy? Drop your ideas in the comments below.