Stores pull Michigan-made Enfamil out of "abundance of caution"

Dec 23, 2011

More retailers have pulled a batch of Enfamil infant formula from their shelves, after the death of a Missouri baby from a rare bacterial infection. 

The formula is made in a Zeeland, Michigan factory.  It has not been linked to the death.  Testing by the CDC and FDA could take weeks to complete.    

Walmart, Kroger and several other retailers took the action out of an abundance of caution, after the death of a 10-day-old infant who had been consuming Enfamil infant formula. 

Maker Mead Johnson says the batch of formula tested negative for the bacteria before it left the Zeeland factory.  The bacteria can also be found in water and other environmental sources. 

Another baby in Missouri was sickened by the same bacteria, but survived.  That child is believed to have been drinking several different brands of formula.  

The Missouri Department of Public Health is asking people to discard any Enfamil formula with the code ZP1K7G on the bottom of the can.