Traditional drop-side cribs now illegal

Jun 28, 2011

You can no longer sell or give away a traditional drop-side rail crib in Michigan or in the rest of the country.

Drop-side cribs are one of the most popular crib designs. They have a side rail that can be raised and lowered for easier access to the child.

Drop-side cribs have caused more than 30 deaths since 2000.

Crystal Phillips is the Safety Center coordinator at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. She says she is telling parents to stop using the drop-side cribs immediately.

“We also try to tell families to limit shopping at the resale shops and the flea markets and the garage sales and the mom to mom sales where they are more likely to come across a crib that’s been banned or recalled because they are not regulated like some of the larger retail stores are.”

The new regulation also mandates rigorous safety tests before cribs hit the market.