Why do mental health resources vary so widely across Michigan?

Jul 25, 2016


Don Williams of Holland posed this question to our M I Curious team:

Why are public resources for mental health issues very uneven between Michigan counties?

Williams has close friends who are mentally ill. He's talked a lot about mental health issues with various people and he's seen a trend.


“I soon became aware that the funding for mental health issues, and mental health in general, was uneven, rather chaotic," Williams said. "And I decided to pose this question and see if I was right."


He was right.


The kind of mental health treatment you might get in Washtenaw County is different from what you would see in, say, Lake County.


Why is that?


Bob Sheehan is CEO of the Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards. Listen to Stateside above to hear his answer to this question.


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Bob Sheehan is the CEO of the Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards. 

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