Winning bidder for crumbling Packard plant plans to build modular homes and offices at site

Oct 28, 2013

Last Friday, Jill Van Horn of Ennis, TX put in a winning $6 million bid for the 40 acre vacant Packard plant site in Detroit.

Today, we hear plans for what she plans to do with the site.

From their statement:

Dr. Jill Van Horn, along with her partners and investors from Detroit, Wall Street and International firms, has a complex plan to transform what feel [sic] is an "Internationally recognized symbol of Detroit's decline" into a new economic center on the East side of Detroit.

The Packard site will be renovated, immediately providing thousands of jobs for area residents. The new site will specialize in logistics and construction. Modular homes and offices will be constructed on the site and shipped all over the world. Building supplies will also be made here. One analyst believes that over 6000 trained employees will be needed to fully an this operation.