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12:19 pm
Tue April 2, 2013

Proposed federal funding could boost U of M brain research

A model of the human brain

Researchers at the University of Michigan are closely watching President Obama’s call for a big increase in federal funding for brain research. 

President Obama is proposing a 100 million dollar increase in federal funding for brain research.   

U of M has many different researchers studying the human brain.    From Alzheimer’s disease to Depression, neuroscientists on the Ann Arbor campus are approaching the brain from a wide variety of specialties.

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4:02 pm
Sat March 2, 2013

Michigan State University study links autism with prenatal brain abnormality

New born baby

A new Michigan State University study finds a link between autism and a brain abnormality in low birth weight babies.

Tammy Movsas is an assistant professor of pediatrics at MSU and medical director of the Midland County Department of Public Health.

She’s been studying ultrasounds of low birth weight babies. She discovered babies were seven times more likely to develop autism if they had enlarged cavities in the brain that store spinal fluid.

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11:10 am
Mon February 11, 2013

Lansing hospital 1st in Michigan to be certified comprehensive stroke center

Dr. Syed Hussain (right), talks about Sparrow Hospital's cerifitication as a comprehensive stroke center. 42 year old James Cady (left) was treated for a stroke at Sparrow in 2011
Steve Carmody/Michigan Radio

Sparrow Hospital officials in Lansing are celebrating their recent certification as Michigan’s first Comprehensive Stroke Center.

The Lansing hospital is one of only 20 centers recognized for its stroke treatment, which starts with diagnosis, through hospital treatment and outpatient therapy.

Dr. Syed Hussain is the medical director of Stroke Services at Sparrow.   He's also an MSU HealthTeam neurologist.

He says discussions about expanding Medicaid coverage in Michigan may help with providing some elective and preventive care.

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