Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Ford Motor Company's self-driving vehicle
Ford Motor Company

Michigan is edging closer to clearing the road for driverless cars. A state Senate committee approved a package of four bills that loosen existing rules for autonomous vehicles. The state created rules for driverless cars just a few years ago. But evolving technology has apparently made those rules “obsolete.” “The laws we put on the books before are now antiquated,” says Sen. Mike Kowall, R-White Lake, Senate majority floor leader. “We’re at a point where if we don’t catch up, industry’s...


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety will probably be handing out a lot fewer of its coveted Top Safety Pick awards in 2014. Not because cars will suddenly be less safe - but because of a new test the agency is requiring.   The Insurance Institute will soon add a test for a so-called small overlap crash. Thats where the corner of a car strikes another car or object, shearing off the side, thereby missing much of the energy absorbing structure thats been built into the front ends of...