kelsey's law

2:32 pm
Wed March 27, 2013

Michigan ban on teen drivers using cell phones starts tomorrow

Bonnie Raffaele speaks at a news conference announcing an education campaign for "Kelsey's Law". The law is named for Raffaele's daughter, who died in a 2010 car accident while using her cell phone.

A new state law takes effect tomorrow that bans teenage drivers from talking on a cell phone behind the wheel.

“Kelsey’s law” is named for an Upper Peninsula teen who died in a car accident while using her mobile phone in 2010.

Kelsey’s mother, Bonnie Raffaele, lobbied hard for the law.

“Kelsey’s law will undoubtedly save lives,” says Bonnie Raffaele, “We may not know the exact number that it will save, but we know that it will save lives.”

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