Nerd Nite Ann Arbor / Facebook

"Be there and be square!"

That's the battle cry for Detroit's first-ever 'Nerd Nite.'

It's happening tonight at Great Lakes Coffee on Woodward in the Medical Center area of Detroit.

Ann Arbor started its monthly Nerd Nites earlier this year. The event helps bring fun and entertainment with an added value of learning, but people may be wondering, what exactly  is a 'Nerd Nite'.

Organizers Liz LaMoste and Amber Conville join us today to tell us what happens during a Nerd Nite where the slogan is "Nerd Nite is like The Discovery Channel with beer."

Governor faces lower approval numbers and a billboard

Feb 22, 2013
Courtesy: Michigan Democrats

Yesterday afternoon, Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer announced a new billboard which they're hoping may capitalize on lower approval numbers for Governor Rick Snyder.

The strategically placed billboard is on I-96 – between Lansing and Brighton. Brewer estimates 160,000 commuters every week will see the billboard including (if he’s looking) the governor himself.